Besides the support of children from children’s homes through the project of “A Start in Life”, grants, and language courses abroad, Nadační fond manželů Livie a Václava Klausových strives to help these children also in the field of cultural literacy.

This project enables to children from children’s homes and foster families to see certain theatre show performed in the Summer Shakespeare Festival, which annually takes place on the premises of the Prague Castle.

This July in cooperation with Agentura Schock company was opened already a third year of this project. In total during those three years more than 600 children from children’s homes and foster families participated in this project. In the current year almost 200 children visited these shows: The Tempest, As You Like It and Othello. These theatre visits were organized along with meeting the representatives of the Fund, and with a tour of Prague and the Prague Castle depending on the time schedule of individual groups from children’s homes or foster families.

Considering the hitherto feedback from last years and immediate experience based on the personal meetings with the children, the project is merrily welcomed and treasured by the children’s homes, foster families and especially by the children. Moreover, all the participants are glad that they could visit theatre performances in the beautiful atmosphere of Prague Castle.