The Nadační fond manželů Livie a Václava Klausových (herein after only the Fund) has devoted its activities not only in favour of children and teenagers but it has been also involved in problems which consider present and future senior co-citizens. Therefore, the Fund has created a new project called “Seniors Communicate”.

The aim of the project is to support senior co-citizens to learn how to handle and use personal computers, mobile telephones and payment cards. The project mainly focuses on the group of senior co-citizens who have not had any opportunity yet to get closer to the above-mentioned modern means of communication and to teach them at least to control basic functions. The Fund helps overcome this handicap which should not hinder future generations of senior co-citizens so much. The pilot run of the project “Seniors Communicate”, which took place in Náchod in October of 2006, showed that senior co-citizens are largely interested in such type of education.

Therefore the Fund proclaimed a public tender which had determined the operators of the courses in individual regions of the Czech Republic by April 2007. The programme has been implemented in 63 towns through 29 local operators. The total number of courses is 101 and the project total cost in 2007 rises to approximately CZK 3,500,000. This amount includes the cost of the courses’ organization as well as the costs spent on the purchase of the computers which the Fund donates to individual towns and villages. These computers are placed on premises freely accessible to public and are meant to be at hand to senior co-citizens to practice and extend gained knowledge free of charge.

The courses have had a very positive feedback from the part of their “students”. We are pleased by the students’ first nice e-mails, which we have received, as thanks for gaining new knowledge. Some senior co-citizens are glad to broaden their horizons; some of them are looking forward to the practical use of gained skills and are happy to act, as one of the students has put it, cleverer at home.

In respect to a large interest which we are not able to saturate in some towns nowadays, we recon to open a further stage of this project in the next year of 2008. It will offer opportunities to more applicants to gain basic knowledge in the field of PC, payment cards and mobile telephones.

The general partners of the Fund at implementing this project are the Foundation of Česká Spořitelna and T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. The project is also financially supported by other donators to the Fund.