Nadační fond manželů Livie a Václava Klausových (herein after only the Fund) in cooperation with ÚAMK company is ensuring, already for the third year, an intensive driving courses, which end up with a final test and the possibility of obtaining a driving license, type B. By this project the Fund tries to support possible future careers of the youth from children’s homes and socially weak families.

In total during those three years there were 57 participants of this project in five intensive courses. The participants were ussually from children’s homes however, this year for the first time, they were also from socially weak families.

Two courses in year 2007 were held in the Fontana hotel in Hrdoňov at the Lipno lake. The first took place in July and the second on the end of August. Although the courses poses relatively demanding lessons and training, children from children’s homes and socially weak families showed this year as well a great interest. For this reason we were forced to organize a tender in the frame of which we co-operated with the headmasters and carers from the children’s homes. During the tender we took into account the assumed abilities of the applicant to take the course and test in fourteen days, and the possible use of the driving license in the applicant’s future profession.

Based on the decision of the Board of Directors of the Fund, twelve applicants for each intensive course were chosen. The participants of each course were involved in lessons on regulations, theory and basics of safe driving as well as in training of driving a car and car maintenance. The courses were finished with a required test to gain a driving license of type B. All the expenses, which are connected with these intensive courses and with accomodation of the participants, were provided by the Fund.

We could gladly conclude that all 24 participants of current courses in Hrdoňov obtained not only their driving licences, but also a lot of new friends and experiences.