The project of Language courses for children from children’s homes, foster families and socially weak families is organized by Nadační fond manželů Livie a Václava Klausových in the frame of support of education.

Students aged 16+ have a possibility to take part in two to three week courses of English, German or French, in language schools in Great Britain, Ireland, Malta, Austria, Germany and France.

In years 2004 - 2013, 279 students from children’s homes, foster families and socially weak families took part in the language courses. The courses are aimed at those who have learnt the chosen language for a longer time and have achieved such a level that they can stay abroad alone without any problems and attend lessons taught only in a foreign language. The Fund pays the students transport, accommodation, boarding fees and adequate pocket money. The course fees were donated by the foreign language schools.

At the end of the courses, the students present the Fund with a report on the stay and a copy of the language course certificate.

In their reports, the participants of the project state as benefits not only language skills improvement but also new friendships with people form various countries of the world and most importantly - as many of them had never had any occasion to travel independently – test of their own abilities, self-reliance and improvement of their self-confidence.

Since 2012, we support students to attend courses of English, German, French, Russian and Spanish at Czech language schools as well.