Nadační fond manželů Livie a Václava Klausových provides grants to students aged up to 26 years whose studies are complicated by either their social status or health impairment.

The grants are provided to support studies at schools in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. The grant is usually allocated for the length of one term or a half of a school year and is either paid monthly or is used to cover a certain item e.g. tuition fees, dormitory fees etc.

The grant program is also open to children from children’s homes who graduated secondary education and continue their studies at universities.

The Fund requires reports on study achievements from the grant holders. We desire that our students are motivated to achieve the best results possible. And we want to know if the grant has helped the student achieve his or her goals – it may mean a university diploma as well as a certificate of apprenticeship.

We have been pleased by the students’ reports so far, all of our grant holders are achieving very good study results on both Czech as well as foreign schools. Some have already successfully finished their studies.

In 2004 the Fund supported 8 students. In the year 2005 it was already 33 students and in the year 2006, 28 students studied thanks to the support of the Fund. This year 25 young people altogether participate in the grant program.